New Year, New Coffee!

New Year, New Coffee!

Hey Coffee Lovers!

January is here!  A new year full of fresh beginnings AND fresh coffee!

Welcome to our site! We are so happy to finally be able to share fresh roasted, premium coffee with you. We are offering some great single origin, organic coffee, as well as flavorful blends and naturally flavored coffees. But this is just the beginning.... we will be adding new roasts and blends very soon. So, if you are craving the deep, rich flavors and aromas of a darker roast, stick around! We have more delicious coffees to come!

Each month, we will be sharing brewing tips, coffee info, new ways to enjoy your coffee and even a recipe or two- because who doesn't love a sweet treat with their coffee? Who knows, we may even visit a NJ landmark or two, just for fun!

Like I said, this is just the beginning, and we look forward to sharing our coffee love with you! 



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